Monday, September 15, 2014

The Comeback EP

Released: 2014
Genre: Alternative
1. Comeback
2. Two Wrongs
3. New Man
4. Silence

To be brutally honest, I didn't even know I was following Pale on Facebook. Must have been from my old soundcloud days. So when Pale released their debut EP, needless to say I was pretty excited to check it out (cos I only follow the good stuff).

Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed.

If you're a fan of Little Dragon, Metronomy, Portishead or Chvrches, you'll really like this. I'm quite sad it's only 4 tracks long, though.

I can't put my finger on how many people make up this band, and it doesn't exactly state it either on their Facebook or Soundcloud. (I believe it's two to three guys though, according to their older MV's.)

It's a free download this time round, with no Piratebay rubbish or whatever. Go ahead and download the tracks individually on their soundcloud, the hyperlink provided above.

I think my personal favorite track is the second one, Two Wrongs. I swear I've heard it before, it really sounds like a Metronomy number.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Built On Glass

Released: 2014
Genre: Alternative/Electronic/Soul
1. Release Your Problems
2. Talk Is Cheap
3. No Advice
4. Melt
5. Gold
6. To Me
7. /
8. Blush
9. 1998
10. Cigarettes & Loneliness
11. Lesson In Patience
12. Dead Body

I suppose I can begin by saying that I was late to the Chet Faker party.

I've only heard singles & tracks off his older EP's linked by my friends, but it gravitated more toward "oh, this is really nice. Well, back to what I was doing.." kind of moments.

And then out of the blue, BOOM. Chet Faker suddenly has his very first LP.

Needless to say, I got it instantly.

And I listened.

And listened.

And I was like,

Holy shit, this is ridiculous.

Before I begin, I'd like to clearly state that I won't do a complete track-by-track, as 1) It's tedious, boring, and always ends with me criticizing myself and analyzing and re-analyzing to make sure I don't sound like a hypocritical snob when I suggest a perspective; and 2) It completely takes away from the experience of the entire album. I suppose if you've listened to the album, a track-by-track might be good for a review or an interview, but to me, it just feels like visual spoilers for a purely audio, nirvana-like experience.

For those who didn't know, Chet Faker aka Nicholas James Murphy aka EPIC BEARD is an Australian electronica music producer.

That's all the history I've got for you today.

The very first few seconds I stepped into the album via Release Your Problems, I was entranced. It sounded like the theme of Majula from Dark Souls 2, where you first step out from the gloom of Things Betwixt, and get a full glimpse of the glorious sun. Well, till about halfway through the track. Then wham, all aboard the vibe train, Channel Orange.

Sound familiar?

Yes, I'm talking about Frank Ocean's ever-popular album.

The album constantly reminded me of Channel Orange, in terms of tempo, vibe, and lyrical content. Yet, obviously, the two records are very different in their own right.

The bass is thick and addictive throughout the entirety of Built On Glass. Slower-paced, R&B/Soul oriented tracks ie. Talk Is Cheap, To Me, & Dead Body, are filled to the brim with sly grooves and gut-wrenching croons from the extremely capable Murphy himself.

There are faster tracks littered throughout the record though, tracks like Gold, Blush, & 1998, which both include that same soulful vibe previously heard in the previously mentioned, yet maintain interesting and head-bobbing beats, and sometimes even syncopated rhythms. (Check out Gold, just before the hook, at 1:51. It's almost like Murphy slaps you in the face, and yells at you to see if you're still paying attention.)

And did I mention Gold has an extraordinary video clip?

The best music videos are the ones that enhance the experience of the track - making the track slightly less satisfying (in a sense,) while listening to it without having the video play alongside it.

I haven't had this experience with a music video in a very long time, but I do think the music video for Gold, really nails it. It's not even complicated. It doesn't tell much of a story, if not at all. It's just extremely well choreographed, and well performed by the three roller-skaters.

Yup, roller-skaters.

There's really not much else to say without me losing interest in this post and deleting it. This record would rate very highly on my favorite album from this year, if not, my favorite release of 2014.

What's there left to do?

DOWNLOAD this amazing album now! (320kbps.)
(Source: TPB, verified by yours truly. Opens up a magnet link.)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

As time passes by it feels like this page is becoming more and more redundant.

For myself more than the other crate-diggers out there; people still find old music here, ie. Talking Heads, Meatbats, The Cancel, etc.

From the silly first angst-filled posts which first begot this blog, to the sullen and sarcastic view of my perspectives on events past and present,

I no longer find the need to write in order to categorize my thoughts, to reorganize and restructure a new perspective.

What does this mean to the author though?

Would it be, GOD-FORBID, that I have somehow grown up in a way?

Or rather, that the views I currently adopt are worthwhile hanging on to, permanently?

This site will thus be further updated with newly-released albums (which I have been neglecting for a long time, so assume that any album I put up from here on after, is a must-download.) courtesy of TPB, which will be virus-free (checked by me personally), and crude, unrefined short stories, if I ever can be bothered to finish one.


Sunday, April 13, 2014


Genre: Alternative
Released: 2014
1. Intro
2. Keep It Healthy
3. Love Is To Die
4. Hi
5. Biggy
6. Teese
7. Disco // Very
8. Go In
9. Feeling Alright
10. CC
11. Drive
12. Son

This is the first real post I've done in several months I guess.

The post below will be finished some day (don't count on it, but count on it).

This is most definitely my favorite Warpaint album to date - and I think the girls have finally settled down on their sound; hence the eponymous album, after their previous two EP's.

I like to call Warpaint the ultimate reverb band, since Emily and Theresa's vocals are almost always so clouded and dreamy, and likewise with the intricate fingerpicking on tracks such as Keep It Healthy (my personal favorite.) Little nuances such as electronic percussion (mainly played by Theresa live), as is in Keep It Healthy, the little 'pop-pop' sounds in between verses and Jenny's hypnotic bass tones are the subtle beautiful things inlaid within the album and are just waiting to be discovered by you.

Love Is To Die, Hi, Biggy, and Disco//Very are also rated very highly on my list.

Here's the recently released music video for Disco//Very and Keep It Healthy.

I don't understand it at all.


For now,

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Well, this blog has been pretty empty for a while.

With good reason, too.

Well, not really. Just hadn't really found anything to write about.

Again, not really. There's heaps to write about.

Like yesterday's induction finale, where we were screamed at and forced to roll around in the mud, faceplanting in it, rubbing our friend's faces with handfuls of the disgusting, brown stuff. Forced to listen to some fake POW stuff, with our friends screaming and saying STOP! STOP! and stupid stuff like that. Being tortured and bullied.

Getting my third sergeant rank. Being inducted into a tough infantry battalion.

I think I've lost some passion for writing in the process. May continue, or not