Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Hics - Lines Remix (by me!)

Yo what up,

I remixed something. After coming back from army, I wanted to do something music-related again.

Been going through a bunch of music lately, and The Hics have been one of my latest and most treasured discoveries. Thank you Rockstar Games for putting Cold Air into GTA V, which has one of the best collections of soundtracks across its span of releases.

Please check out The Hics here, if you haven't heard of them yet.

Give it a play, and sorry for the mediocre mixing, I'm still in my hatchling stage.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

[WP] All known diseases have been eradicated, and human lifespan has doubled. The global population is now over 11 billion, and you have been tasked with devising 'accidents' to lower it.

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I rose from the smooth, polished ebony table, and cleared my throat. The faces of the world's most powerful leaders, governors, religious figures, and politicians stared back at me. A sea of power and control.
"May I bring your attention to the screen, please." I brought out a laser pointer, and loaded my slides onto the twenty screens in the gargantuan hall. My voice reverberated along the walls, projected by hundreds of speakers.
"We have all gathered here today to discuss the biggest problem plaguing humankind, since, what? HIVCancer?" I smirked.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we, have become so numerous in number, that the planet is decaying at a rate never seen before. Our projected lifespan, no, our entire race's lifespan is projected to last at an estimated two hundred years." I paused. "And due to our scientists' magnificent work in the labs, yes, all diseases have been completely removed from earth."
Low murmurs and uninterested head-bobbing was displayed from the large crowd. They had heard this before; time and time again.
I clasped my hands together. "And thus, we gather today to discuss how we can contain our population - not just for me and you, but for our children. And our children's children. And many more generations to come!" I thumbed the pointer, and the presentation flickered to the next slide. It was a moving image of a cartoon volcano erupting, spewing hot fire onto a nearby village.
"Someone once told me that natural disasters were God's way of destroying the unfaithful. Heck, it's probably somewhere there in the Old Testament. But I say otherwise."
I thumbed the device again. This time, an image of collapsed structures, fallen streetlights, and unmoving corpses filled the screen.
"1960, the earthquake of Valdivia. Anyone remember this? Magnitude of 9.5." I turned to the sea of faces, chattering amongst themselves. "No? Me either."
The next slide displayed tumours, both swollen and burst, on a writhing man's body. He was covered in blood, pus, and tears. His wailing family stood outside the observation room, hands and faces pressed to the window.
"Maybe something a bit more recent, then. The Metz pandemic. Discovered by Doctor Keira Metz in 2038. Killed more than a million of us. This was the last big disease we have ever had in our history."
The crowd was unchanged, still murmuring amongst themselves. Political leaders wielding such great power simply looked for one thing - the solution. And as quickly as possible.
I cleared my throat again. "Ladies and gentlemen, do you see what's common in all of these images?" I paused, waited for them to process the question. "Yes, accidents. All of these were natural disasters. Chaotic. Random. The butterfly effect."
My audience was murmuring even louder now, and some even started to look annoyed. So much for their great degree of diplomacy.
"But I ask you this - were these accidents needed to control our numbers from increasing tenfold? Was it God's plan to control our numbers?"
I steepled my fingers together. Now I had their attention.
"Have we controlled fate? Is it too late to change things?"
I flung an arm at the slides. "No disease! Human lifespan doubling! There are no more bottlenecks to stop our relentless consumption!"
The hall was quiet now, a thousand set of eyes bearing down on me, the single lone figure who hoped to answer the single question that was on everyone's minds. The question that rationed food and water, filled orphanages, and bordered countries. The question that global confrontations were currently hinging on.
"Esteemed guests. Presidents and ministers. Popes and Vicars. Politicians and Governors. It is today, where we will move forward as a species. It is today, where we will move on! It is today, where we will survive!"
The audience exploded into applause and excited smiles, attention rapt as I reached under my table, to load the next segment of slides onto the screen.
But I wasn't reaching for the computer.
I pulled out a gask mask.
The most powerful people in the world froze mid-clap, and watched in stony silence.
"There is only one answer, my friends." I said sadly. "Only one."
I slowly strapped the gask mask on, as the doors were triple bolted, locked and sarin gas filled the room.

Friday, July 10, 2015

[WP] The unluckiest man in the world is also the happiest


[WP] The unluckiest man in the world is also the happiest


The tears, unrestrained and free, spilled from Sara's eyes, as we interlinked hands again.

There were only a handful of minutes to go, and we both knew what little time we had left. The monotonous ticking of the wooden clock punctuated the gaps between her violent sobs.

She opened her mouth to speak, reaching for a tissue.

"W-when Mom died, you were all I had left... and now, n-now I've got n-no one-"

Sara broke down in a smattering of sobs, bringing on a fresh wave of tears.

"Honey, look," I freed my hand from hers, and tousled her hair. She had always loved me doing that.

"Where I'm going, it's gonna be great. It's sure as hell gonna be a lot better than final year of senior high." I tried to chuckle, but ended up grimacing in pain, instead.

Sara looked up slowly, eyes red from crying. I instantly regretted my failure of a joke.

Which parent doesn't want to see their kid graduate?

"And what's more, I'm not going out with no purpose. Remember what Doctor Eilhart said?"

Sara nodded slowly, sniffling.

"A rare hereditary disease, ontho-herpathey-itis or something or other. You know how I am with doctors and their bullshit jargon."

A slight crack of a smile formed in between Sara's quivering lips. She knew.

I managed to wheeze out a few more lines.

"But what I have, you have too. And there's only one way, only one, for me to help."

I shifted uncomfortably in the stiff hospital bed.

Gosh, is this what death smells like? Fucking lemon scented Pine-o-Cleen and starched bedsheets?

"Me lungs. A couple of days after I'm gone, they're gonna replace the healthy bits of mine, with the bad bits of yours."

Sara nodded slowly again, and knotted her hands in mine.


I closed my eyes.

"Don't be sad, honey. I-"

My voice began to hoarsen, the emotional strain finally beginning to surface.

Has Sara ever seen me cry before?

"I'm happy. No parent ever wants to outlive their child," I managed to choke out.

The tears began to tumble down my face.

"I was just, just really looking forward to seeing you graduate, s-seeing my son-in-law, m-my grandkids.."

It was all I could manage before spasming into a sob.

Sara was crying again, and squeezed my hands even tighter.

"It's my final gift to you."

"I love you, Dad..."

I love you too, sweetheart.


This blog will now mirror my adventures on I'll be trying my hand mainly in the /new/ section.

For anyone waiting for the Muse - Drones review, apologies for the delay. I don't think I want to do a full write-up anymore.


Separating Da Real From Da Fake 2000

Released: 2015
Genre: Electronic
1. Ballin
2. Playaz Nite
3. Ride Wit Me
4. Gold Silence
5. Freaky Gurl
6. Nexus 60

Syzer's back with a new EP - check it out here.